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ID: chenxupro
Profession: Software Architect
Specialty: Network Engineering
Emails: or
Other: NUPT OSSEer(2008-) ECHOer(2009-) Bigroomer(2011-)


My name is Chen Xu, I graduated from Nanjing Univercity of Posts and Telecommunications in June, 2011. Being very interested in technology of computer, I choose the Network Engineering as my specialty. After two years studying, I find I can't get real practical knowledge from some classes. To work hard after class, I touched much interesting and meaningful things. For example, "Free Software" and "OpenSource Software" let me know everybody should share knowledge and fortune with others for making our society better.

Besides playing with computers, science fiction film, table tennis are also my favourites. If you share some interests with me, I will be very glad to know you!

Begin to take the time more valuable and make the life enricher!

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