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My name is Chen Xu and written as "name.png" in Chinese. Note that "Chen" is my family name, and "Xu" is my given name, because we Chinese people always put our family name first. As my name tells you, I am from China, which is a large country and has a five-thousand-year-long history. I, of course, love China and I am proud of our culture very much.

I graduated from Nanjing Univercity of Posts and Telecommunications( Univ. of San Pailou ^_^ ) in June, 2011. Being very interested in technology of computer, I choose the Network Engineering as my specialty. I am a programmer of Linux and also a fan of opensource software. I like writing clever programs for fun and enjoy hacking very much. I want to be a C language lawyer, that is to say, I like C language very much. But I can also program in PHP, Python, Shell, Delphi, Javascript, Java, C#, C++, Lua, Visual Basic, MATLAB etc.. I want to become a hacker like Linus Torvalds, who is father of "linux ". :-) Now I am also a member of OSSE which is an organization whose goal is to spread opensource software.

Hint: See the "About Me "page to learn me more. :-)

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